Since her acting debut in 2005, Rooney Mara has been increasing her name recognition one film at a time. Her roles haven’t been cut and paste either; she’s dabbled in a plethora of genres and roletypes. In an effort to recognise her many ‘changing faces’, we’ve compiled a list of her most diverse characters.


Tanner Hall

Look at those pigtails! Rooney inadvertently landed her first starring role in TANNER HALL, a coming-of-age film that takes place in an all-girl’s boarding school. Originally trying out for a smaller, tomboyish role in the film, the director decided to cast her as the lead after seeing her audition. Rooney played Fernanda, a ‘goody two shoes’ senior at the school whose image becomes threatened when Victoria, the school’s new troublemaker, finds out about the illict affair Fern has been having with an older (and married) family friend. Fresh-faced and much more polished than some of her more recent and familiar roles.