Kelly Brook
Kelly Brook Baywatch movie

Kelly Brook Baywatch movie rumours!

Kelly Brook, the British model turned actress who last appeared in the TV show One Big Happy, has apparently been shortlisted to star in the Baywatch movie opposite Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. The news is that the role in question is that of C.J. Parker, which was made famous by Pamela Anderson back in the 1990s.

Anderson has been pretty vocal about her thoughts on a Baywatch remake.

No one appreciates the remakes.

Now, take this with a pinch of salt as the source for the news is British tabloid The Daily Star, but we actually quite like the idea of Brook in the role.

The source had the following to say to the newspaper:

“Kelly is one of the shortlisters. It is no surprise. She has an almost identical body to a young Pam, looks sensational in a bikini and is a strong actress.

“Obviously, she would have to go blonde.”

Brook also appeared in the shockingly bad, but bloody brilliant Piranha 3D, and original Baywatch star/ producer David Hasselhoff appeared in the sequel Piranha 3DD. Apparently ‘The Hoff’ is also very close to signing a deal to star in the reboot of Baywatch too. He and Brook starred together in the dire British feature The Keith Lemon Movie a couple of years back too.

As well as Brook being on said wish-list, both Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney (see below) are also rumoured to be on there too.

Kate Upton
Kate Upton (above), Charlotte McKinney and Kelly Brook Baywatch movie rumours
Charlotte McKinney
Charlotte McKinney (above), Kate Upton and Kelly Brook Baywatch movie rumours

The Baywatch movie is set for release in 2017. Seth Gordon (We’re The Millers) will direct, while Damian Shannon and Mark Swift wrote the latest draft of the script.

The film is expected to be a comedy-action in the samed vein as the 21 Jump Street movies, though we’re told it will be a full-on R-rated movie too.

More news as we get it. Read more on those Kelly Brook Baywatch movie rumours here.