It’s good to see that Andrew Garfield has wasted no time continuing on, despite disappointingly losing the web-slinging role, and this first trailer for 99 Homes looks like just the intense tonic.

Written and directed by Ramin Bahrani and based on the true story of Rick Carver (played here by the mighty Michael Shannon), who does well for himself by serving eviction notices. On the flip-side, Garfield is single father Dennis Nash who initially is affected by Shannon’s dirty work but then is given the chance to earn back his family home by working for him.

It’s an impressively intense first trailer for the film that also stars Laura Dern, Noah Lomax, J.D. Evermore, Clancy Brown and Tim Guinee. There were positive reports from our folk at TIFF last year and to be honest, anything with Shannon in is going to have a certain brilliant level of darkness.

Check out the trailer from Broad Green Pictures:

99 Homes opens in the US on 25th September with the UK date to be confirmed.