robocopVideo entertainment platform Machinima have announced an ambitious production slate at the Digital Content Newfronts event in New York. Showing off its partnerships with DC, MGM, STAR TREK writer Roberto Orci and others, one of its main shows will focus on ROBOCOP in a series of internet shorts.

Titled Robocops, the narrative expands the concept as a fleet of cybernetically-augmented law enforcers roam Delta City dishing out justice. And the audience is right in the thick of the action as they are patched into the officers’ helmets on virtual ride alongs. Sounds like this incarnation has more than a dash of Cops about it, combined of course with the trademark mix of satire and carnage. It looks like it’ll be derived from Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 original rather than the reimagined version of 2014.

Machinima are also bringing us a second season of Bruce Timm’s superhero reinvention saga Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, and a collaboration with horror maestro Clive Barker for short film showcase Creepy Pasta.

ROBOCOP has received numerous resurrections on the small screen, many of them poorly-received. Maybe online drama is the perfect way to cement the brand and ensure more missions for this most stubborn of franchises.

Source: ComingSoon