Firstly, spoilers ahead if you’ve not finished series one, but for those of us who have,  there’s a few unanswered questions as we drift out of Fortitude but I thought it was a fine finale with just enough to wrap things up but leave a couple of titbits flying around. If you fancy it, head over to our blog for all the goodness discussed right here.

With the first season just finished, it’s a good time to announce that Sky Atlantic have renewed Fortitude for a second series and it’s been a huge success along the way. Their most successful original series hit between 2-3 million on average per week as the eerie adventure-thriller-horror took us all kinds of different places. Forks, mammoth tusks, drunken bars, digging into the Arctic Circle, there’s pretty much nothing we didn’t feel or see.

The series, created, written, and executive produced by Simon Donald, definitely had a different vibe to most stuff out there but, more impressively, it kept the tension going. The talented ensemble cast definitely helped but seeing as most of them are now either dead or planning to leave, there’s probably a whole new story to discover. We can hope, right?

Donald had this to say:

“It’s a privilege to return to Fortitude. It’s a place where the real and the feared live side by side, where old dark secrets thaw out into the chill light of the arctic day. I’d never been anywhere like Fortitude before and I can’t wait to go back.”

We’ll bring you all the latest as we hear it.

Source: Sky