ìWhat Do You Believeî StarPhotographer: Samantha Hake

The Gnomist

Sharon Liese (USA) – World Premiere, Home Improvements

20 minutes

Far far away in the Firefly Forest of Overland Park, Kansas, a series of beautifully hand crafted fairy homes began to mysteriously appear along the heavily wooded walking trail.

Built with custom fittings and doors that fit into the hollows of trees, local residents quickly became enchanted by these magical homes and the feelings of hope and happiness the created.

Curious as to who or what was responsible for the magic conjured by the homes, a giving tree emerged with visitors adding gifts, notes, miniature welcome mats and birdhouses to the homes.

Director Sharon Liese takes audiences on a walk through the forest with three different women greatly affected by the ‘watcher in the woods’ and its healing properties.

It’s an uplifting tale for the soul.