One of the great things about attending a film festival is that more often than not, festival curators provide you with opportunities to see films with extraordinary stories that ordinarily you may not know about, filmed by directors you have never heard of, or unfortunately, fail to secure a theatrical release.

More importantly, festivals like the Tribeca Film Festival and our BFI London Film Festival (who coincidentally, are both sponsored by American Express: Principal Partner for BFI LFF and Signature Sponsor for TFF) provide a vehicle for those overlooked, short-and-sweet hidden gems otherwise known as the Short Film. In less than a third of feature time, these talented filmmakers can spin fantastical and compellingly visceral tales of tragedies, triumphs, WTFs, OMFGs and LMAOs.

With a record 40 world premieres amongst the 60 short films presenting in Tribeca’s Short Film Competition, audiences will find themselves enthralled by varying characters with relatable, unexpected, futuristic and fatalistic tales.

Having gone through the amazing films in the program, here are eight Short Film gems that you just have to get your hands on.

Pedersen FamilyPhotographer: Mike Edmund

All American Family

Andrew Jenks (USA) – World Premiere, Be Yourself

8 minutes

In the quintessentially American suburb of Pleasanton, California, where football is king and trash-talking criticism is wasted, lies a legend. No, not resident NFL legend John Madden, Pleasanton is home to the Pederson family who have had four generations of star players play on one of California’s best high school football teams, The Eagles.

What sets director Andrew Jenks’ ALL AMERICAN FAMILY apart is that silence is golden – literally – an element in which the Pederson family, 30 of their relatives, their classmates and wider community share. Their world is silent but no less boisterous or purposeful as Zane and Jax, the final two Pederson’s at the California School for the Deaf, prepare to lead their team to another title.

It’s an inspiring journey of a family just like any other with similar expectations, familial and social camaraderie and a love for sport.