Attack On Titan has taken the anime world by storm with its excellent characters, breathtaking action sequences, and shocking plot twists. Soon, we’ll be relishing the opportunity to experience it all over again, and this time in live-action. From director Shinji Higuchi, who gave us the exceptionally surprising remake of Akira Kurosawa’s HIDDEN FORTRESS with HIDDEN FORTRESS: THE LAST PRINCESS, we’ll follow the tale of a world where humans are forced to live behind gigantic walls so as to protect them from human devouring giants. But when a colossal titan arrives, the time for hiding behind walls comes to an end.

The trailer shows very little of quite a lot, with just quick shots of moments fans are sure to recall. The style looks brilliant so far, although due to budgetary constraints, we’re still worried about the finished product. Luckily, we’ve been treated to a wealth of brilliant manga/anime adaptations over the years, including DEATH NOTE, and more recently the RUROUNI KENSHIN trilogy and BLACK BUTLER. It will all depend on how much the film wants to fit in. Since it is Toho bringing this beast to the screen, I’m just going to sit here and imagine an ATTCAK ON TITAN/GODZILLA mash-up. Take a look below.

ATTACK ON TITAN is released later this year. It stars Haruma Miura, Kiko Mizuhara, Kanata Hongo, Satomi IShihara, and Nanami Sakuraba.

Source: Toho