Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Cast:Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad

Certificate: U

Running Time: 8 minutes

Synopsis: Elsa (Menzel) is determined to give Anna (Bell) the best birthday ever and won’t let a thing like the flu stop her.

FROZEN has become a worldwide phenomenon, you can’t go anywhere without seeing hordes of FROZEN related merchandise, and even if you have yet to watch the film you will know the song  Let it Go. It has been announced in the last few days that Disney intend to make a sequel. How could they not? In the meantime they have created a short, FROZEN FEVER, to tide over the toddler and tween masses until the second chapter hits the cinema. FROZEN FEVER is showing before Kenneth Branagh’s new version of CINDERELLA. If you or anyone in your cinema party are FROZEN fans you’re going to want to make sure you arrive in time or else you’ll miss Elsa.

All the favourites return as they hurriedly put together the final touches for Ana’s surprise Birthday bash. Elsa however is suffering from a cold and despite her best efforts this is one cold that will bother her. Children will love the side effect of Elsa’s sneezes – baby snowmen – who threaten to cause chaos to the well made plans. The leading ladies both get a costume change, sorry parents of FROZEN obsessed children there are going to be more costumes for you to buy.  The story is very basic and to the point and in essence is just an extended scene that features a new song. Written by the minds behind Let it Go, new song Making Today A Perfect Day features in what is effectively it’s own music video. It’s not quite as catchy as the previous venture (thankfully) and most will have already forgotten the tune by the time CINDERELLA has done.

FROZEN FEVER delivers exactly what was expected, managing to keep fans of the franchise entertained. You’re also going to want a baby snowman.

FROZEN FEVER appears in UK cinemas before CINDERELLA from Friday 27th March.