Kwik E Mart 01

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any cooler down at LEGO HQ, the Danish toy giants go and unveil this: a 2,179-piece Kwik-E-Mart set, complete with Snake Jailbird, Apu’s vegetable roof garden and the mighty Frostillicus. The attention to detail is absolutely staggering, and speaking as a Simpsons fanatic, it’s wonderful to see.

Kwik E Mart 02

A donut-stained Chief Wiggum with 3-seater cop car, Apu in his Kwik-E-Mart uniform and the classic trio of Bart, Homer and Marge round off the included minifigures. Inside, you’ll find everything from copies of the Angry Dad comic to Powersauce bars; from the Squishee machine to cans of Buzz cola. The whole thing folds open for easy access, and there’s even a dumpster outside to toss your empty Squishee cups in. (Or make the inevitable Lionel Hutz minifigure live in.)

Kwik E Mart 03

While the Kwik-E-Mart might come in at a slightly eye-watering £169.99, to a Simpsons fan it’ll be worth every single penny. You can also take the opportunity to make Hans Moleman waste five minutes of his life, thanks to this second wave of Springfielders due for release alongside the Kwik-E-Mart:

Minifigures Series 2

Eagle-eyed fans will spot Homer and Marge in their outfits from the Season 1 classic ‘Some Enchanted Evening’, while last year’s Mr. Burns figure finally gets a Smithers to go alongside him. While it’s a little grating to see Fallout Boy without Radioactive Man, it’s probably a safe bet that he turns up in Series 3 as a Homer variant (as per his comic book appearance, as opposed to the Rainier Wolfcastle version).

We also finally get the family pets to chuck into last year’s Simpsons House, although you’ll have to pick up a duplicate Maggie to get your hands on Santa’s Little Helper. Still, the attention to detail carries over to the minifigure line – from Dr Hibbert’s ‘crayon in the brain’ X-ray to Smithers’ Malibu Stacy with a new hat accessory – which makes it even harder to resist these far more wallet-friendly doses of Simpsons goodness.

Both the Kwik-E-Mart and the Minifigures are due for release on May 1st. Keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to get your hands on some of the latter at THN soon via our LEGO tab!