Everyone loves a good horror. The last few months have seen us treated to several gems; THE BABADOOK, STARRY EYES and IT FOLLOWS being at the top of the pile. Another hopeful is DARK SUMMER which stars Keir Gilchrist, from IT FOLLOWS. His last outing was ridiculously creepy and here’s hoping that the new venture will be just as fruitful.

Also on board the cast is Grace Phipps, an actress making great strides in the horror realm with roles in The Vampire Diaries, FRIGHT NIGHT and upcoming SOME KIND OF HATE. DARK SUMMER also features one of the great ‘that guys’, Peter Stomare.

The synopsis is thus:

In DARK SUMMER 17 year old Daniel Austin is given house-arrest for the summer for obsessive online stalking of his classmate and crush Mona Wilson. When his mother goes away on a long business trip, Daniel is left alone, with no phone, no internet, and no Mona. A horrifying incident occurs leaving an ominous presence in the house…


Check out the trailer now:

DARK SUMMER is released in selected UK cinemas on 20th March and will be available digitally from 6th April.

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