Figaro, PINOCCHIO (1940)

Figaro is the kitten of Geppetto, the father of everyone’s favourite wooden puppet-turned-real-boy Pinocchio. You might not know that Figaro also starred in a number of Disney shorts such as Figaro and CleoBath Day, and Figaro and Frankie as the pet cat of Minnie Mouse. That’s right, a mouse that has a pet cat, what a strange world Disney really is. No stranger than Figaro having Cleo, a fish, as his closest friend I guess. Their friendship does get rather awkward when Figaro prepares to tuck into a lovely plate of freshly steamed fish next to his finned friend. In PINOCCHIO Figaro provides the cute and cuddly comedy relief for which, lets face it, the humour injection is definitely needed as this is one dark Disney tale.