Pets sofa

Sorry dog lovers, but I think it’s fair to say that cats have won the internet. We are all guilty of spending hours surfing through videos full of their hilarious antics and there is now even a whole film festival devoted to their escapades. This week’s new cinema release THE VOICES sees a new contender for the king of the kitties in the form of Mr Whiskers, one of the pets of lead character Jerry, played by Ryan Reynolds. Mr Whiskers is a very bad influence on his childlike owner.

The film follows warehouse worker Jerry who, after a series of unfortunate mistakes, finds himself responsible for the deaths of several work colleagues. Not having anyone else to turn to, he relies on his trusty pets, sympathetic dog Bosco and the Machiavellian cat Mr Whiskers.  THE VOICES is a very dark and quirky comedy in the vain of AMERICAN PSYCHO and KILLER JOE, and is well worth the ticket price.

In honour of our new favourite murderous moggie we’ve compiled a list of our favourite cinema cats.