Calling anyone who grew up in the ’80s…Jim Henson’s hugely popular live-action puppet show is back for a big screen rendition.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt will both produce and star in FRAGGLE ROCK, and it’s apparently a childhood favourite of his.

Henson’s Fraggle Rock first graced our screens in 1983 and featured a motley collection of hairy creatures who lived in an underground network of caves and enjoyed nothing more than dancing away their cares to a good sing-song. They spent much of their time nicking radishes from the lumbering Gorgs’ vegetable patch and the show even spawned a hit single (I still have the 7-inch somewhere).

The movie project has been up and down for a number of years, but has never really got off the ground. It seems that the addition of Gordon-Levitt will finally bring us one step closer to a Fraggle reunion.

Source: Variety