Director: Hettie Macdonald

Writers: Tom Butterworth, Chris Hurford

Starring: Richard Dormer, Stanley Tucci, Sofie Grabol, Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston, Jessica Raine, Nicholas Pinnock


Review: So, Liam’s woken up. He looks like a normal kid, right? Jules is surely next to die, right? Ronnie ISN’T DEAD. Whaaat.

As we concluded on episode 8, we’re left with a further cliffhanger after it has been revealed in the opening moments that Ronnie was brutally attacked and left in a random cupboard, that may or may not be in the family home, but there’s one thing we know and that’s something is living in there still but whether it’s human or this super-virus, we’ll have to wait and find out.

This one was a truly huge episode with so much happening after a few weeks of just teasers and now we’re getting colossal outcomes.

While our Governor tries to keep the town together, she’s also still struggling with her personal problems yet everyone thinks she’s as calm as the still waters of the frozen Fortitude bay. Morton continues his investigation and it’s intriguingly subtle now because the majority of the town have been distracted and almost sidelined by all the other events, does it all still tie back to Billy Pettigrew or are we all thinking that it was just a horrific accident?

We also get our first, real proper delve into science and what’s actually happening as Vincent and Natalie get into the lab and discover that Professor Charlie Stoddart (Eccelston) was about to take a deep dive into cutting a Polar Bear open to find out why it killed another Apex predator. The best thing here is that it comes back to the original story and gives a reason for Vincent arriving, things I’d definitely forgotten about. After all, he arrived to help look at Apex Predators and now those early moments are fulfilling their potential. It also reveals that everyone is still up for sleeping around, whatever the circumstances as the delightful Ingrid (Mia Jexen) offers herself up with Natalie for a little ‘swim’ with Vincent. Hard choices.

Moving on, the ridiculously creepy Liam has woken from his scientifically induced coma and is now home, living the life of a normal kid – Yeah, right. He’s giving all the signs of a possessed soul but by what, we’re yet to discover. Henry has a part to play here as well as Gambon’s masterful drunken photographer has made him something to keep the demons away and interestingly it seems to have a positive effect.

During all of these things coming together and informing us of more, there’s lunatic Frank who’s decided to take the law into his own hands, well, make it up and dish it out with his fists to poor old peculiar Markus who’s tied up, beaten and tortured for no good reason other than he was there. When Jules discover what he’s been doing, he gets Frank away from Markus and cuts him free but she’s far too composed for my liking. I know you might be if faced with a crazy situation but there’s a side we haven’t seen before. Is there more to her than meets the eye?

They also cut open Shirley’s head to reveal a toxin that the Polar Bear also had, Morton continues to discover truths, Henry leaves the town – or at least is trying to – Sheriff Dan is hoping to keep whatever’s left together and then Morton also discovers THAT photo of the handcuffed arm all before the nasty zoom in on Ronnie to finish.

We’re loving it and want to know what you think is going to happen! Come share your thoughts below in our comments or over on Twitter and use the hashtag #Fortitude.

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