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This trailer has almost sped by without me noticing but I think it deserves a wider audience as A ROYAL NIGHT OUT looks set to delve into the history of our Queen Elizabeth but also fitting perfectly in with the 70th Anniversary of V.E. Day this year.

The film is set on V.E. Day, 1945 and across the world, people are celebrating the end of the war. Two teenage sisters are allowed out at night for the first time to join the party but these two young souls aren’t your every day youth, their home is Buckingham Palace and our two teenagers are Princess Margaret (Bel Powley) and the future Queen of England, Elizabeth II, played by Sarah Gadon.

Based on untold true events and directed by Julian Jarrold, A ROYAL NIGHT OUT looks like a lot of fun and feels like it’s got a good heart, and overall it looks amazing. This film could easily pick up a committed audience in the UK but also surely some worldwide loving for all things Royal.

Watch now:

A ROYAL NIGHT OUT stars Emily Watson as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Rupert Everett as King George, Sarah Gadon as Princess Elizabeth, Bel Powley as Princess Margaret and Jack Reynor as Jack. It opens in UK cinemas on May 15th.