Before we go any further this is an old one from 2008, originally titled THE POKER HOUSE, and although I’m sure not of its general reception across the lands, I’ve a feeling that it came and went pretty quickly as there’s not a lot of coverage out there regarding it but, anyway, we do have the first details of the UK DVD release on 6th April.

Now renamed BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, the film is written & directed by Lori Petty (Point Blank) and based on her own harrowing true story and it all appears to be pretty dark.

Life for young Agnes (Jennifer Lawrence) and her two younger sisters (Sophia Bairley and Chloe Grace Moretz) has been particularly tough without their father and a mother (Selma Blair) unable to cope, being strung out on drugs for years. They hoped that the introduction of a new man (Bokeem Woodbine) in their mother’s life might just bring some long overdue stability to their home. However any hope of that is soon shattered as the man’s true psychotic nature starts to reveal itself.

BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is available on DVD from 6th April. Check out the strange trailer here but beware, I’ve heard it’s a bit spoilery!