LEGO’s licensed ranges have propelled the company to global superstardom over the past decade – culminating in the box office extravaganza that was THE LEGO MOVIE. So really, it was only a matter of time before they teamed up with Disney to bring LEGO Marvel sets to homes around the world, something which kicked off with the first AVENGERS film back in 2012.

Three years later, and Joss Whedon’s mega sequel AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON is about to hit screens – so of course, there are a whole host of miniature, plastic heroes to go along with it. Everything from Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armour to the Avengers’ updated Quinjet is available to buy right now, but undoubtedly the showstopper of the wave is the wonderful Attack on Avengers Tower:


Weighing in at 511 pieces, it’ll set you back £59.99 in the UK. In addition to the tower itself, which is perfectly emblazoned with the Avengers logo and has all the details you’d expect (more on that in a second), you also get five minifigures: Iron Man in his MK 43 suit, Thor, two Iron Legion drones and the eponymous villain Ultron in his first form (the one you’ll have seen crashing the party in the trailers).

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The translucent bricks representing the various repulsorlifts are an especially cool detail, as is the hairpiece included for when Tony Stark wants to walk around sans helmet. The tower itself opens thanks to some hinged bricks, and we have a number of cool play features over the three floors – including a medical bay, Iron Legion launch pads, an Ultron assembly zone (with a nifty mechanism that causes the windows to explode), a control panel and, for reasons that will no doubt become clear when watching the film, Loki’s staff.


Overall, it’s a fantastic build that’s sure to be a hit with Marvel fans young and old. It could perhaps stand to include at least one more Avenger in lieu of one of the Iron Legion figures, but then that’s what the rest of the sets are for – including the marvellous, brick-built Hulk Buster suit in The Hulk Buster Smash, which also includes a very angry Dr Bruce Banner himself. One of the two new Avengers joining the cast is also included here, in the form of Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch:

Hulk Buster

Meanwhile, you’ll find Captain America and Black Widow (along with the mysterious, yet colourful, Vision) in The Avengers Quinjet City Chase – a set which also includes Ultimate Ultron. With an opening cockpit, roof and rear hatch, plus a motorbike, lab truck and all the stud shooters you could hope for, there’s plenty of fun to be had here:


The Hulk makes another appearance in the first of two Hydra sets, The Hydra Fortress Smash – which also features the other new Avenger, the super-speedy Quicksilver. The Hydra tank has a removable roof to allow access for the included Hydra Henchman, and a rotating cannonball shooter to fire at those pesky heroes as they try to recover Loki’s scepter. The Hydra fortress features a tower and gate combo, with plenty of action for you to get involved with: exploding gates, a rotating double stud shooter and an exploding power vault to encase the staff:

Hydra Fortress

Rounding off the main Avengers cast is everyone’s favourite leftover, Hawkeye, who you’ll find alongside Thor in the Avengers Hydra Showdown. The set features a black 4×4 (with stud shooter capability, of course!) chasing down a Hydra offroad buggy – no doubt taken from one of those snowy Hydra scenes in the latest trailer:

Hydra Showdown

You may have noticed from said trailer that Ultron has brought along an army of drones to wage war on humanity and the Avengers. Luckily, there’s a set for that too…and although a smaller one, it’s full of detail and quite specific brilliance. The Iron Man Vs Ultron set weighs in at only £11.99 with 90 pieces to create a fine additional piece to any of the sets.

You get a closer look at Ultron’s drones, it reveals the fine detail of the figures and also more about the possibly intense fight scenes we’ve got coming in the film. You’ll get a Sub Ultron officer (in the middle below), 2 Sub Ultron troopers and good old Iron Man MK45. The latter is also adaptable into a ‘super jumper’ – Oh, and Ultron’s extras have these awesome little guns that shoot studs really quite far. Here’s a little look:


To pick up your favourite of these LEGO Avengers: Age of Ultron sets, choose from the full range. Also, check out the latest AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON trailers and more by clicking here.