The SundanceNow Doc Club announced this week that six new critically acclaimed short documentaries curated by Sundance Programmer Mike Plante, have been added to their program ‘The Best Of Sundance Shorts.

Hoping to capture the magic of someone else’s world with no expectations, Plante’s hand-picked selections include Kevin Jerome Everson’s impressionistic series of portraits that stand in enigmatic relation to Frank Baum’s ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in PICTURES FROM DOROTHY, Travis Wilkerson’s interviews with four women effected by the US war on Afghanistan in FRAGMENTS OF DISSOLUTION and his clarion call to restore the traditional definition of the planet Pluto in PLUTO DECLARATION, and THE WORLD’S LARGEST SHOPPING MALL that takes the audience on a tour of the South China Mall in Guangzhou which, despite carnival rides, mini-parks and canals, remains virtually devoid of shops and shoppers.

The new shorts join 12 original shorts previously reviewed by THN and can be watched on demand through the SundanceNow Doc Club; a site dedicated solely to documentaries.

You can also check out Brent Green’s stop-motion short CARLIN below.

Source: SundanceNow Doc Club, Brent Green