Can you feel The Force? The force of publicity that is.

Marvel and Star Wars have announced Shattered Empire, part of a comic book event series to bridge the divide between RETURN OF THE JEDI and forthcoming THE FORCE AWAKENS. Unlike their big screen counterparts, the paper and ink giant hasn’t messed around, releasing this cover image from Issue 1:

Star Wars Shattered Empire Marvel Journey To The Force Awakens

As you can see, the story is under the banner of Journey To Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a range that will no doubt have fans salivating like a Sand Creature over a Jawa. The art is courtesy of Phil Noto.

With the original trilogy’s cast somewhat increased in age, the potential for stories here is vast. Commencing at the point we last saw the principals, dancing round the fire with Ewoks and generally being a bit soppy, the saga takes us right through to the new era of J.J. Abrams’ update.

They have nine months to plug the STAR WARS-shaped hole in the multiplexes before the fresh instalment hits in December.