The so-called King of Cool, Steve McQueen, has a biopic on the way after Lake Forest Entertainment and The Exchange have buddied up to secure funding to finance the project, name (aptly) MCQUEEN.

The Hollywood idol came from a troubled childhood, but by the ’70s McQueen was one of the highest paid movie stars. He appeared in a plethora of iconic films, such as BULLITT, THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN, THE GREAT ESCAPE and THE TOWERING INFERNO. He was a fast car and motorbike enthusiastic, a bit of a Lothario, and also he was allegedly on Charles Manson’s hit list, so there should be lots going on for viewers.

The project will use Marshall Terrill’s biography, Steve McQueen: The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon as its source material. But the big question is, of course, who should play McQueen..?

Source: Deadline