The 14th annual Tribeca Film Festival will open on April 15 with the world premiere of Bao Nguyen’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) documentary LIVE FROM NEW YORK!

Co-founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, Robert De Niro stated that:

“The selection of to open the 14th Tribeca Film Festival is personally gratifying to me on several levels. Having hosted SNL three times, and guested on several occasions, I speak from a first-hand experience about “SNL’s” rightful place in our culture as well as a welcome addition to our Festival,”

Produced by J L Pomeroy and Tom Broecker, the documentary explores the show’s impact and influence on American news, history and culture over the last 40 years. From its early experimental years steered by Lorne Michaels and his team of, then unknown cast mates (and future superstars), to its evolution as an American comedy institution, Nguyen’s LIVE FROM NEW YORK! captures the joie de vivre of this local New York trailblazer that has unceasingly refreshed its ground breaking self over more than 800 episodes.

Featuring archival footage spliced with stolen moments and exclusive commentary from legendary SNL cast members, hosts, crew members, journalists, politicians and others influenced by the sketch comedy show, the SNL documentary is a film that ‘After 40 years, the timing just felt right’.

“’Saturday Night Live’ is such a revered institution and we really wanted to make a film that reflected its significance not just to the American comedic tradition but also to American culture and society,” said director Bao Nguyen who also thanked “Lorne Michaels for allowing us to film in the storied halls of Studio 8H.”

Tickets for the LIVE FROM NEW YORK!’ premiere and the TFF 2015 Opening Night Gala go on sale on March 23rd and we’ll be there, covering as much as we can. Keep an eye on our Tribeca blog for all the details and reviews.