With over 250 million active users each month, there’s no surprise that Twitter has become such a dominant force on the social media market. There has been an astronomical rise in these social platforms in the last decade, as Hollywood’s most famous faces being to interact with theirs online and giving them a greater insight into their lives away from the limelight.
But who are the biggest stars worth following on Twitter? Here are five contenders who could win the gong for Best at Tweeting:

James Franco

Twitter Handle:
Followers: 3.05m

James Franco is a hugely popular actor across all of social media and is renowned for tweeting and posting about anything and everything. The 127 Hours and Pineapple Express star is constantly active on his account and usually talks about who he has been hanging around with, his everyday life and occasionally the latest film or show he has been starring in. If you are a fan of funny pictures, then Franco is your man as he always takes snaps of himself not looking his best.

Jim Carrey

Twitter Handle:
Followers: 13.9m

Famed for his over the top comical characters, Jim Carrey is one of Hollywood’s best loved actors. Rising to prominence through Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Carrey has portrayed the likes of Riddler, The Grinch and even God himself in Bruce Almighty. His twitter feed mimics his acting style – never taking anything too seriously. Tweeting bizarre pictures and funny quips, Carrey ends each post with a smiley face, often resembling something along the lines of ;^P.

Kim Kardashian

Twitter Handle:
Followers: 29.3m

Kim Kardashian may not be renowned for her acting skills, but she lives and breathes amongst the Hollywood scene. If there’s a glitzy award ceremony, a fashion show or a film premiere, you’ll see Kim sitting in the front row getting her picture taken with all the famous faces. Her Twitter feed consists of pictures ranging from events she has attended, to snaps of her husband Kanye West looking “happy” even though he never smiles! With over 29m followers loving her positive tweets, Kim has been rated as one of the Happiest Tweeting Celebs in a recent Gala Bingo study!

Ellen DeGeneres

Twitter Handle:
Followers: 40.7m

After hosting the Oscars last year, chat show royalty Ellen DeGeneres was propelled onto an international scale thanks to THAT selfie. The picture including the likes of Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie still holds the record for the most-retweeted tweet ever at 3.3 million! You’ll often find Ellen sending out tweets to her 40 million followers about who will be appearing on her show, as well as funny pictures she has mocked up or memes!

Jonah Hill

Twitter Handle:
Followers: 4.71m

Jonah Hill has come on leaps and bounds since his 2005 appearance in the 40 Year Old Virgin, and is now a well-established actor, produced and write. Starring in hit films like The Wolf of Wall Street, 21 Jump Street and, who can forget, Superbad, Hill is renowned for his ability to portray comedic characters. He keeps up his funny side on his Twitter account, often posting random pictures he’s found amusing. Like most actors, he also helps promote cause and the works of his close friends.