Good Luck Girl DVDDirector: Tomoyuki Kawamura.

Starring: Kana Hanazawa, Yumi Uchiyama, Haruka Tomatsu, Brina Palencia, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Martha Harms.

Running Time: 300 minutes

Certificate: 15

Big boobs. Anime loves them. There’s no escaping the fact that a bouncing pair of mammaries sells well and Good Luck Girl intertwines this idea into its plot. Ichiko (Hanazawa/Palencia) is the girl of good fortune hinted at in the title. She has money, popularity, looks, and big breasts. She has indeed been blessed with good luck, however in this world it means that she has actually been taking fortune from those around her. A god of poverty is sent to equal out the balance, and hopefully teach Ichiko a lesson or two.

Although initially coming across as a typical tale where large breasts are obsessed over, the show manages to provide us with a truckload of character development and emotional drive. Ichiko is a victim of her own good fortune, and certainly takes things for granted, but she is written in a well rounded fashion with all of her intricate thoughts and personality traits explored. She has a genuine decent quality to her, but still feels superior at times.

Each story also has a lesson to teach, or find at least. These fables aren’t brutally unsubtle, nor or they deeply hidden. Instead they form naturally from the components the story lays out. After helping a poor family, Ichiko discovers they are offended at their offers, but the family also admit that they could use the charity. It’s a sweet examination of intent and execution.

As Ichiko is surrounded by complimentary supporting characters, there’s always a new angle on themes and ideas. The comedy may be too reliant on your usual perverted characters, but who won’t chuckle at a song about a love for boobs? The comedy may seem childish, but the maturity is there to help alleviate any negative feelings. With a bright palette of colours, and a script that becomes self-referential at times, Good Luck Girl has tweaked a tiresome formula enough to warrant inclusion in any collection.

[usr=4] Good Luck Girl is released on DVD 16th March.