Simon West

Henry Cavill has been a busy man of late. Between donning his cape for BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE and rebooting 60’s spy classic THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., the English actor has found time to set up a production company and begin work on its first film STRATTON, announcing Simon West as the film’s director.

Simon West, best-known for his work on fan-favourites CON AIR and EXPENDABLES 2, has been working on Statham-led crime drama WILD CARD (due to hit cinemas on 20th March) and will take the helm on the action thriller with Henry Cavill starring.

Based on the novels by Duncan Falconer, the movie focuses on John Stratton, a Special Boat Service operative tracking an international terrorist cell across the globe. Clearly excited about the role, Cavill stated

“I’ve long wanted to tell a story about the British Special Forces and finally the opportunity has come around. Duncan Falconer’s work is fantastic and we are incredibly fortunate to be working with him so closely. We plan to convert the books to cinema as accurately as possible while keeping them topical. Simon West is a perfect match for this movie with his ability to marry story-telling and action, both of which are essential to do this project justice.”

The director was clearly influenced by his star’s involvement and passion for the role;

“The greatest challenge was always going to be who can play a character like that and bring depth and realism. I have followed Henry Cavill’s work for a while now, and I cannot imagine a better actor to take on this role.”

STRATTON is due to start shooting in the UK and Italy this summer.

Source: Empire