The Expendables 2 London premiere report

As EXPENDABLES 3 star Harrison Ford survives an eye-popping plane crash, more surprise news emerges that the Sylvester Stallone-created brand is TV-bound.

It was thought a female-led movie – THE EXPENDABELLES – would be the next chapter for the franchise, but now Fox are putting an “event series” on the slate which will do for small screen icons of old what the films did for the likes of Stallone and Dolph Lundgren.

The definitive Hollywood resurrection man is on producing duties, whilst Shane Brennan, Greg Coolidge and Kirk Ward script the concept, which doesn’t sound a million miles away from the tried and tested formula.

Speculation will be rife on who’ll take part, but it’s safe to say Richard Dean Anderson (Macgyver), Mr T (The A-Team) and Lorenzo Lamas (Renegade) might soon be getting a call. I also see Fred Dryer (Hunter) and Dirk “The Face” Benedict being in the mix somewhere. Though the cinematic exploits of the pumped-up crumblies are reportedly far from done, this extension to the box set generation suggests there’s some unexpected life in the old dogs yet.

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Source: ComingSoon