Lady Gaga

Season Five of blood-soaked saga American Horror Story has booked its most high-profile cast member yet, as peculiar pop phenomenon Lady Gaga joins the cast.

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy is a huge fan of the controversial artist, whose infamous meat-based dress alone earmarked her for such a role. Details of the part are yet to be revealed, but Gaga herself announced her involvement in a typically unusual Tweet-fuelled video:

The upcoming run is subtitled Hotel and follows the show’s tradition of launching a different storyline each time featuring the same actors. However, Murphy has disclosed the narratives are interconnected – apparently the events of the new run were hinted at in Season Four, so presumably these tales of terror will be drawn together at some point.

Though she’s appeared in movies such as SIN CITY 2, this is Gaga’s first major acting appearance on the small screen. Murphy and collaborator Brad Falchuk clearly have some surprises up their sleeve…the development being a mere opening salvo for some serious shock horror!

The telephonically-noggined Gaga checks into the franchise via FX in October.

Source: Variety