Calista Flockhart

She became famous as a quirky, love-obsessed lawyer in Ally McBeal. But Calista Flockhart’s latest role sees her taking command at media outfit CatCo in CBS’ Supergirl series, adapted from the DC Comics characters.

Flockhart plays Cat Grant, a journalist-turned-magnate who takes young Kara Zor-El under her wing. Kara is of course the Kryptonian’s alias, played by Melissa Benoist. Little else is known, but this high profile casting suggests Grant will play a big part in proceedings.

The actress went on from McBeal to further success in Brothers And Sisters, but received unwanted attention from the industry she’s now representing on screen, due to her relationship with Harrison Ford.

Also starring Mehcad Brooks as Jimmy Olsen, this is one show gaining the momentum of a speeding bullet. The pilot script is by Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler and production is via CBS, Warner Bros Television and Berlanti Productions.

Source: Variety