I finally managed to catch up with the superb BIRDMAN last night, a film that utilises the one-take approach (bloody brilliantly); a technique that we’ve seen many times in the past (SILENT HOUSE for example). Well, there’s a brand new European actioner coming that uses the same approach; one long, unbroken camera movement that lasts for two hours. The film is VICTORIA, and this is the synopsis:

The story is about the Spanish girl Victoria who, starting in a Berlin techno club and induced by four local guys to drift through the nightly streets, gets roped into the criminal adventure of the four unintended crooks.

Pretty simple, right?

Apparently, unlike BIRDMAN, this was shot for real in one take from just twelve pages of script with a lot of the dialogue being improvised on the streets of Berlin. The film has already gathered quite a bit of acclaim, most recently out of the Berlin Film Festival with cinematographer Sturla Grovlen picking up the coveted Silver Bear. Sebastian Schipper directs VICTORIA, which opens in cinemas sometime in 2015.

Here’s a brand new trailer.

Source: Moviepilot