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It’s nice to see Reece Witherspoon return to her comedic roots after a run of more serious, dramatic features. Hell I would too if I had just walked the Pacific Coast Trail, found jobs and a lost sister for three Lost Boys, and endured the murder of a son.

Witherspoon plays uptight police officer Cooper who is assigned to escort the sultry wife of a drug lieutenant, Mrs Riva (Sophia Vergara), to Dallas so that she can testify against the cartel’s drug lord Vicente Cortez. Cooper’s by-the-book disposition is blown away in a cocaine cloud when they become the target of crooked cops and murderous gunmen sent to kill them.

Directed by THE PROPOSAL’s Anne Fletcher, HOT PURSUIT also stars John Carroll Lynch (AMERICAN HORROR STORY), Rob Kazinsky (TRUE BLOOD), and GODZILLA’s Richard T. Jones.

Hot Pursuit_620x400

Source: Warner Bros.