George R. R. Martin is the genius creator of A Song of Ice and Fire book series. His novels have captured the imaginations of endless readers and TV viewers. We’re continually kept on the edge and we love it. From unexpected deaths to unthinkable romances, Game Of Thrones is an electrifying series with a firm fan following and today we celebrate those who are fully committed to showcasing their love for the world with some impressive permanent body art.

To celebrate the release of Games of Thrones: The Complete Fourth Season, on Blu-ray & DVD on 16th February, we look at some amazingly bold GoT tattoos. Let’s begin…

The White Walker

white walker

The tattoo above captures the fear and intrigue these figures conjure up in the series. This delicately skillful portrait is a tribute to a lesser-known character, which can be appreciated for both its art and the haunting story of the terror they bring.

A White Walker’s arrival is accompanied by blizzards and icy temperatures, their bright blue eyes and gaunt, yet bulky, figure sends a chill down anyone’s spine. The mythological race is mentioned in ancient legends and stories and their existence is questioned but we were unknowingly introduced in the very first episode to these gruesome figures, as the swell of cold, thick air encircled two brothers of the Night’s Watch and revealed these fictitious characters were very real. Rumours soon spread south of their existence and it’s not until the end of Season Two that we first see the White Walkers. Making their presence known just before the War of the Five Kings makes us wonder what terrors they’ll bring to those shielded by the wall.