They say that time is circular and that everything comes back around again and it seems that it is once more the turn of CINDERELLA to take to the spotlight. We all grew up watching the Disney version of CINDERELLA and now thanks to shows like Once Upon a Time fairy-tales are definitely back in fashion. Works is underway on not one but two JUNGLE BOOK live action adaptations and it was announced only last week that Emma Watson will play Belle in a new version of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Before all of those though we get to see what Kenneth Branagh can do with one of the most classic of fairy tale princesses. A new trailer has been released for the film which showcases some beautiful visual effects, see for yourself below:

The film stars Downton Abbey’s Lily James and Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden (who will¬†hopefully find a happier fate here) as Cinderella and her Prince Charming. The wicked step-mother is being played by Cate Blanchet whilst Helena Boham Carter has gone all blonde to play the Fairy Godmother. The latest adaptation will be sticking very close to the animated version’s story, though it’s unlikely that Gus the mouse will feature as prominently as he does in the Disney cartoon. From the above trailer it looks like the target audience are going to absolutely love it and those chaperoning the cinema visit should probably pack some sunglasses as the colours are rather bright and vivid.

CINDERELLA also has the honour of hosting a FROZEN short film spin-off FROZEN FEVER meaning it’s almost certainly guaranteed an impressive box office.

Kenneth Branagh will unleash his vision in the US on 13th March and in the UK on 27th March.

Source: You Tube