Director: Max Nichols

Cast: Miles Teller, Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Szohr

Running Time: 86 minutes

Certificate: 15

Synopsis: After an awkward one night stand Megan (Tipton) and Alec (Teller) find themselves snowed in with no option but to keep each other company.

Are you struggling to find a film to watch with your beloved this weekend? Don’t fancy enduring the overegged FIFTY SHADES OF GREY? Like you rom-coms with a little more edge than sugary sweetness? If you answered yes to any of these questions then TWO NIGHT STAND might be just the flick for you. Released just in time for the most romantic of holidays, TWO NIGHT STAND is a great choice for Valentine’s viewing. Even better, TWO NIGHT STAND will be released in cinemas and on VOD at the same time, meaning it ticks both date-night in and out options.

This writer is not usually a fan of films of this ilk, but thankfully TWO NIGHT STAND is harmless and actually rather charming. TWO NIGHT STAND is like the cyber-dating generation’s answer to BEFORE SUNRISE. The majority of the film is based around the two leads, Megan and Alec, bonding through conversations much like Ethan Hawke and Julie Deply’s trilogy of BEFORE films. Being an almost an updated version of what has come before means that fans of the Linklater film will find themselves easily entertained, and audiences not familiar with these films also get to experience this slightly different skew on relationships.

The characters are refreshingly believable as a potential couple, thanks mainly to the great central performances of Teller and Tipton. Miles Teller is one of the current flavours of the moment thanks to his fantastic turn in WHIPLASH, and shows his ability to be versatile with TWO NIGHT STAND; Alec is the polar opposite of his last role, perfectly content that his life isn’t going any place any time soon.

Tipton started her career as a contender on reality show America’s Next Top Model, but decided afterwards to try her hand at acting. Thus far her CV has consisted mainly of best friend/supporting character roles in films WARM BODIES, LUCY, and CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE; TWO NIGHT STAND is her first go at a lead. Her portrayal of Megan is great, though you get the impression that she is playing herself more so than she is her character.

Its svelte run time of only 86 minutes means that the film has a nice pace to it, never lingering for too long on any one given situation. There is one scene outside the apartment that feels a little out of place however, as it perhaps goes a too far into the comedy vein and temporarily upsets the balance of the film.

Two Night Stand is a charming, quirky modern day romance, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

[usr=3] TWO NIGHT STAND is released in cinemas and on VOD from Friday 13th February.