There’s no question that Arrow‘s third season, has rapidly expanded the CW television universe. Last year’s introduction to the super-powered world of DC Comics, changed the dynamic of the series forever, and it seems that the only way to go from here is up, up and away.

Ever since Grant Gustin made his debut as The Flash in the superb spin-off series last October, more and more of Arrow‘s characters seem to be suiting up. With Laurel (Katie Cassidy), Roy (Colton Haynes) and potentially even Diggle (David Ramsey) putting on masks this year, Starling City is becoming a very exciting place indeed. However, the most intruging aspect of Arrow‘s third season has without a doubt been Brandon Routh’s character, Ray Palmer. Comic fans will no doubt recognise Palmer as DC’s alternative to ANT-MAN, a science-based superhero with the ability to shrink his own body. Although, at this point Marvel fans should put their pitch fork’s away, as it should be remembered that ‘The Atom’ was created first.

One of the burning questions surrounding the former Superman’s character, is when he will suit up as his own costumed alter-ego. Thankfully however, we now know that Palmer will don his own armoured super-suit in episode 15 of Arrow‘s third season titled ‘Nanda Parbat’. You can see the first photo of his astonishingly awesome suit below:


As you can see, the costume deviates quite heavily from its Comic Book counterpart, however it certainly fits the established darker, semi-realism of Arrow. Fortunately, it has also been revealed that Routh will soon be making a trip to Central City in an upcoming episode of The Flash too. Which should allow the character to demonstrate his strange shrinking abilities, as the show’s lighter tone is a much better medium for the power than its relatively-grounded parent series. With both shows’ producers rumoured to be setting Routh up with his own spin-off very soon, it looks like viewers may be seeing a lot more of that beautiful suit in the near future.

Source: EW, ETOnline