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With casino gaming on the up across the world, games such as poker, blackjack and roulette are more popular than ever, with millions enjoying a game or two each week. The casino craze hasn’t been a newfound discovery for the celebrity community however; with all that cash, you can afford to gamble, after all; and there has been a long history of celebrities turning to and becoming pretty good at the king of the casino games, poker!

Jason Alexander

Known for his hilarious performance as Seinfeld’s George Costanza, Jason Alexander is also well known for his off-screen poker exploits. Although supposedly only a hobbyist, the comedy actor has featured at events including the World Series of Poker Main Event, and although he hasn’t won any titles enjoys having a laid back style.

Shannon Elizabeth

You saw her in American Pie, and now you know she plays poker; is Shannon Elizabeth the perfect woman? We don’t know the answer to that, but Elizabeth has cashed in four times over the years at the WSOP, a pretty good result.

Ben Affleck

Perhaps the most well known celebrity poker player, infamous Affleck has been a regular at big stakes games across the world, although has been kicked out of Las Vegas casinos a number of times for supposedly card counting!

Toby Maguire

Coming 292nd in 2007’s WSOP Main Event, earning himself $39,445, Toby Maguire’s tournament exploits are somewhat paltry, although rumours that Maguire was regularly winning $1,000,000 a month at private LA tables paint quite a different picture!

James Woods

A regular at the WSOP, Woods has had two cashes at the events, one in 2013 where he came 54th during the 28th event, and back in 2006 when he came 56th in a $2000 shootout.

Ray Romano

At last year’s WSOP, Romano was the last celebrity in the competition, proving his excellent poker skills. To get that good we bet that he’s been getting in a little online practice; with all of the promotions that exist nowadays the cash would hardly put a dent in the actor’s $120,000,000 net worth!

Rafael Nadal

Having total career earnings totting up to $64,000,000, you wouldn’t think tennis star Nadal would be a big poker player, but you’d be wrong. The player has smashed a number of poker competitions in the past, proving his worth off the court.

Matt Damon

Damon is a long time poker fan, although fell flat at a late nineties WSOP tournament he entered to research his roll in 1998 film Rounders. $25,000 for a role- wow!

Hank Azaria

The voice of a plethora of Simpsons characters, Azaria has been playing poker for decades, appearing on a number of celebrity Texas Hold ‘Em programmes.

Jennifer Tilly

The actress and comedienne has, in total, accumulated over $600,000 during her tournament career, smashing the tournament winnings of many other celebrities on this list! Hats off to pro player Jennifer!