April is rapidly approaching which means it isn’t long until we are reunited with the world of Westeros. Equally, it won’t be long at all before social networks the world over are set on fire as the show unveils a whole host of new plot twists and epic, unexpected, and gut-wrenching deaths that we have come to expect from Game of Thrones. In a bid to keep our excitement levels ramped up HBO have released a full two minutes of tease, see below.


Set to a brilliant cover of David Bowie’s Heroes the trailer definitely achieves its goal to incite excitement. Snippets of all the major players can be glimpsed; Jaime and Cersei are on the hunt for Tyrion who has arrived at his hideout location, complete with grizzly man beard, and appears that he being groomed by Varys to help a ‘her’ claim the throne. Might that ‘her’ be Daenerys who still has her dragons, and haven’t they grown? Arya and Needle appear to have reached their desired location too; meanwhile sister Sansa is still trapped with the obsessive Littlefinger. Finally Jon Snow is at the head of what promises to be a glorious battle, but who or what is he leading the charge against?

All the answers will be revealed when the show takes over our televisions; it comes to the US first on 12th April, with the UK having to wait one whole day to see events unfold on Sky Atlantic on the 13th April.

Source: Facebook