It seems hard to believe that there was once a very dark time in the early noughties, when superhero and comic book adaptations were few and far between. However, we have now come through the light at the end of the tunnel, and viewers have seen a huge influx of superhero-related projects on the big and small screen. OFf course, it goes without saying that Marvel Studios has been an invaluable influence in terms of the genre’s new popularity, with IRON MAN and THE AVENGERS helping to reinvigorate audience interest. However, it should not be forgotten that DC Comics have also done their part with Christopher Nolan’s DARK KNIGHT trilogy, as well as televisions Smallville, Arrow and The Flash. As a result, the next few years will bare witness to another large surge in superhero adaptations, such as Warner Bros. and CBS’ upcoming Supergirl.

Ever since it was announced late last year that CBS had struck a deal to bring Superman’s cousin to the small screen, the project has been met with a healthy dose of curiosity and optimism. After Fox scored a similar agreement with Warner Bros. last year to bring Gotham to television, it wasn’t a huge surprise to learn that further DC characters would be making the jump. Now, after various rumours, riddles and rampant speculation, Kara Zor-El has been cast!

"GLEE" Premiere Screening And Reception

As you can see from the image above, the lovely Melissa Benoist has been chosen to lead the new CBS drama. The stunning actress can be seen in Homeland, Glee, and most recently the critically acclaimed WHIPLASH (starring FANTASTIC FOUR’s Miles Teller). With the upcoming Greg Berlanti-series rumoured to share the same fictional universe as Arrow and The Flash, it will be interesting to find out where the show stands in terms of its tone and narrative format. Of course, the biggest question in the eyes of comic fans no doubt regards the appearance (or mention) of a certain big blue boy scout. Without Superman’s presence (in any shape or form), Supergirl would limiting its plot in quite a few different ways. However, these are all questions that we expect to be answered sooner rather than later, with the pilot set to shoot very soon!

You can also check out the networks interesting casting for the Daily Planet’s Jimmy Olsen here!

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Source: THR