What We Did On Our HolidayDirectors: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin

Cast: David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly, Ben Miller, Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge, Harriet Turnbull

Certificate: 12

Running Time: 95 minutes

Extras: Directors audio commentary with Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, cast and crew interviews, deleted scenes

Following the phenomenal success of their BBC series Outnumbered, Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin bring their comedy prowess to the big screen with WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY, a lighthearted comedy with a deeper meaning.

Doug (Tennant), his wife Abi (Pike) and their children visit the Scottish Highlands to celebrate Doug’s father Gordie’s (Connolly) 75th birthday. The couple intend to keep their impending divorce a secret from the unwell Gordie during their trip, but soon discover that with three quick-witted children in tow honesty might have to be the best policy.

Much like the Outnumbered series, WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY is suitable for most of the family, with subtle jokes for the adults and physical comedy for the kids. Tennant and Pike perfectly embody parents on the brink, with the fast-paced editing emphasizing their constant bickering and sniping. On the flip-side, Jones, Smalldridge and Turnbull bring their own style of comedy, mainly in improvisations and observations, mirroring the characteristics of the popular TV series.

On that note, that’s where I feel the film falls flat. At times the children’s observations feel forced and stilted, almost searching for the laughs, while Outnumbered is almost effortlessly funny. Alongside this, the almost unbelievable narrative story involving Billy Connolly’s character of granddad Gordie is too hard to ignore, with the unfulfilling ending awkwardly bringing the film to a close. Although charming and sweet, with themes surrounding family, death, tradition and forgiveness, unfortunately the film doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor. If you’re looking for more Outnumbered fun, you’re better off re-watching the show.

[usr=3] WHAT WE DID ON OUR HOLIDAY is available on Blu-ray and DVD now.