X-Philes everywhere rejoice – Fox executives are “hopeful” that Chris Carter’s sci-fi drama will return to our screens.

The series, starring Gillian Anderson as sceptical Scully and David Duchovny as the boyish Mulder, was hugely popular, although its audience waned in later seasons. It also spawned two films for the big screen.

Over its 9-year run we got to meet all manner of bizarre and creepy things, from the Jersey Devil to the chupacabra, and telekinesis to crazy AI. Perhaps the most well-known “monster of the week” was liver munching Tooms. Fans loved the mytharc episodes though, where we got to find out about the government conspiracy, alien bounty hunters, colonisation and what actually happened to Mulder’s sister.

But don’t get too excited quite yet. Nothing’s confirmed, and Fox bosses are only in talks about when Duchovny, Anderson and Carter might be free. Just keep repeating, “I want to believe…I want to believe…”

Editor Dan adds: There have been rumours over a third film and more for quite a long time now! But we’re still hopeful…


Source: Deadline