That Sylvester Stallone is all over his sequels/ spin-offs at the moment. Not content with flogging the flock out of his EXPENDABLES franchise with that dire PG-13 rated last movie, the action-legend will begin work on the final Rambo movie, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD, just as soon as he’s finished up on CREED, the ROCKY spin-off that has just started production in Philadelphia.

Stallone has been quoted as saying that the next Rambo adventure, which will see John Rambo go up against the Mexican drug cartels, and will be apparently a little NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN in tone, will go before the cameras before SCARPA, his planned mob movie.

Even better news that the above is that Stallone is back on Twitter! The star left the social networking tool last year after posting an insinuating tweet, but now he’s back, and it seems he’s made up with Bruce Willis (who was allegedly replaced by Harrison Ford in THE EXPENDABLES 3).

Happy New Year.

Source: /Film