Pier Paolo Pasolini was one of Italy’s most provocative auteurs. His material explored sexual depravity, S&M, the effects of power, fascism, subversion, freedom and … more scatological themes. Even his death was shocking; Pasolini was murdered after being run over by his own car. Initially a male prostitute confessed to the crime only to retract his statement years later.

So Abel Ferrara’s biopic of the final days of Pasolini’s life in 1975, while he completes SALO and argues with the censors, looks set to be exciting stuff. And who better to play the controversial director than critics’ favourite, Willem Dafoe?

The trailer looks great, echoing the style of ’70s Italian cinema. PASOLINI is currently showing at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). No word on a UK or US release date yet. For now you’ll have to refresh yourself with Pasolini’s back catalogue.

Source: CineMaldito