1984. The year that even the Olympics went to Hollywood is easily one of the greatest years in film history. 1984 is also the year that this writer was born…well, only just (my birthday is 31st December). This of course means that this is the year that I turn the big 3-0. Whilst having a mini wallow/mid-life breakdown I realised that many iconic movies came out during this year, meaning that they too turn 30.  The year saw the likes of THE TERMINATOR, GHOSTBUSTERS, SPLASH, THE KARATE KID, POLICE ACADEMY and GREMLINS welcomed into the world and our hearts. Having grown-up alongside many of these films I decided to perform an in-depth look into the films that shaped 1984 to see how they are holding up three decades later.

We are now well into our retrospective series, having previously looked at the likes of GREMLINS, GHOSTBUSTERS, THE KARATE KID, FOOTLOOSEDUNE and last week saw us study INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. Today is the turn of a true 19080’s romantic comedy, SPLASH.