In what’s probably the least surprising return to a franchise, Mr Ving Rhames has been confirmed to return by director Christopher McQuarrie via the medium of Twitter.

His little cameo at the end of the impressive MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL was possibly a little nod to future team-ups and so this news isn’t exactly a surprise but will see him gloriously to the great little cast of Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg. Sadly it seems that Paula Patton won’t be returning, even though she seriously kicked ass in the previous mission. I’m wondering if she couldn’t get over the death of Sawyer from Lost, or the fellow recruit played by Josh Holloway that she lost. No bad pun intended.

I can’t wait to see IMF agent Luther Stickell once again as this franchise I’ve really enjoyed since it came back in 1996 and even though there were stunted rumours of Renner taking on Cruise’s famous agent, the legendary action actor is still very much on board for the fifth outing. With rumours of Alec Baldwin playing the head of the CIA and White Queen star Rebecca Ferguson joining up as well, it could be another exciting outing for Hunt and company.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 5 is currently set for a Christmas, 2015 release. Keep an eye on the hashtag #MI5Diary

Source: Twitter