Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton is to be honoured in this year’s Zurich International Film Festival by receiving the Golden Icon Award.

The American actress, producer and director is no stranger to accolades. She won a whole host of awards for Woody Allen’s ANNIE HALL, and in 2005 was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Hollywood Film Festival. Keaton has appeared in many features during her career, but she’s perhaps best known for THE GODFATHER TRILOGY, SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE, MARVIN’S ROOM, BABY BOOM and MANHATTAN. Oh, and LOOK WHO’S TALKING NOW, obviously.

Keaton will receive her award on 1st October, and to celebrate her life’s work the festival is screening Keaton’s most recent romantic comedy, AND SO IT GOES. Keaton herself will introduce the film, in which Michael Douglas also stars. It’s an interesting choice – we can’t say this movie has received the most positive of reviews.

The tenth Zurich Film Festival is taking place 25th September to 5th October. Previous Golden Icon winners include Sean Penn, Hugh Jackman and Richard Gere.

Source: ZurichFilmFestival