We’ve got to wait till 2015 for the delightful Johnny Depp to reach our big screens in David Koepp’s comedy crime movie, MORTDECAI. But luckily, there’s a new teaser to keep us occupied in the meantime.

The feature’s adapted from a series of ’70s novels by Kyril Bonfiglioli. MORTDECAI follows Depp as Charlie Mortdecai, an aristocratic, dodgy art dealer, and various japes he gets into involving MI5, angry Russians, beautiful women, stolen paintings and Nazi gold. A bit like Bond meeting Lovejoy, and then going on a road trip with Indiana Jones in a CARRY ON film?

Watch your teaser here:

MORTDECAI arrives in cinemas February 2015. It also stars Aubrey PlazaGwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Olivia Munn, with Jeff Goldblum, and Paul Bettany.