Ryan Reynolds

It’s a high concept thriller with a cast of Hollywood veterans including Kevin Costner, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Oldman – but the age limit is now significantly reduced as Ryan Reynolds has joined CRIMINAL in an unspecified role. The plot, which sounds a bit on the daffy side, concerns Costner’s hardened wrong ‘un receiving a brain swap whereby he can use the skills of a dead CIA agent to complete a mission for the agency. Quite why they have to rely on a “dangerous and unpredictable criminal” for the task in hand remains to be seen. I guess they couldn’t call the movie CRIMINAL without it.

Ariel Vromen (THE ICEMAN) directs and the writers are Douglas Cook and David Weisberg (THE ROCK). The production side includes Chris Bender and J.C. Spink (of Benderspink, who brought us ZOMBEAVERS). Reynolds has had some sizeable flops in recent years, such as R.I.P.D. (though he has earned acclaim for films like BURIED), so he may be hoping this new project will give his career some much-needed lift. Forthcoming Atom Egoyan thriller CAPTIVES and currently-shooting drama THE WOMAN IN GOLD featuring Helen Mirren should help him no end.

Source: TheWrap