Daniel Kash

As part of our London Film and Comic Con coverage we managed to have a brief but interesting interview with actor Daniel Kash. Whilst the name might not be familiar to everyone you will know him from various projects including ALIENS, MAMA, Hannibal and the brilliant Orphan Black. Being big fans of both ALIENS and Orphan Black we seized the chance to talk with a man who has been part of both. Here’s what he had to say.

How was it working with Tatiana on Orphan Black?

She’s fantastic. As a fan you forget that she’s just one person and as another actor working with her you can’t imagine she’s anyone else other than the character you’re working with. I filmed with two of the characters at once, they film those sort of scenes with body doubles and they’re fantastic at it. She (Tatiana) is a future superstar.

It was a shame she didn’t get an Emmy nomination.

Don’t worry about her; she’s going to be fine. The really great thing though is that as well as being so good [at acting] she’s a fantastic person. She never gets tired or complains, she just does her stuff. The Gods have gifted her with the role that every actor dreams of. Why [is it so coveted]? Because you get to play ten different characters for the role. She really appreciates the role too and so she really deserves it.

We love ALIENS. I personally have been a big fan for years – I even put on a play on the film in primary school.

Wow I wanna meet that teacher. I always liked the idea of trying to do an ALIENS Broadway musical.

How was it working with James Cameron?

He’s very tough on the set. It was my first job. He was thirty-two at the time I think and it was my first time on set so I was freaking out. I came from theatre and one of the first scenes we filmed was around the tables with all the characters. They were improving all over the script and I was sat there thinking ‘what the Hell is going on here?’ because I was used to theatre. But he [James Cameron] partied like old Hollywood. After filming he would take us all out and treat us like superstars.

You worked on MAMA which Guillermo Del Toro had a hand in.

Yes and I’m actually working with him again now on The Strain.

The new T.V Show?

Yes, and I’m not gonna tell you a damn thing about it (laughs).

The ad campaign features some grizzly images of eyes being attacked by strange worm-like things. I’m pretty squeamish when it comes to eyes, am I going to be okay to watch this? Or will it be a watch it from behind the sofa kind of set-up?

It’s not just the eyes. There’s more than the eyes.

And on that ambiguous tease we parted ways with Daniel. The Strain has just been acquired by UK station Watch but an air date has yet to be set.


Photo Credit: Neil Hughes.