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Writers: Joel Surnow, Robert Cochran.

Director: Milan Cheylov.

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver, Tate Donavan, William Devane, Yvonne Strahovski, Michelle Fairley, Benjamin Bratt, Michael Wincott.

Synopsis: Taking place between 7pm and 8pm, Jack finally closes in on Margot. Elsewhere Navarro finds his secret in danger of being unearthed.

Jacks back! It’s hard to believe I know, but it has been a whole four years since we watched Jack, now a wanted man, bid Chloe farewell and disappear from our TV screens. You can’t keep a good man down though and everyone’s favourite rogue agent has this time set-up camp on British soil. Though not quite 24 this time around, with only twelve episodes, 24: Live Another Day promises to be crammed full of just as much action. THN will be here every step of the way in our new episode-by-episode Bauer Blog.


So last week’s ending was one big red-herring. Borrowing heavily from SPEED, Jack and Chloe stuck some cloned footage into the drones video feed. Why whenever people do this, they don’t get the subject in question to be perfectly still, I don’t know. If Heller had kept starring ahead for a few more seconds then Ian wouldn’t have cottoned on and all six drones would have been destroyed.

How quickly did Chloe pinpoint the location of the terrorists? Barely minutes, and from a busy pub, boy she’s good. Jack made up for not saving Wembley by saving Waterloo station. Every Londoner knows the tube is far more important, just look at the trouble the tube strikes caused. He must be really good at aircraft simulator computer games too, did you clock how easily he piloted that missile with one hand restraining Margot? Not sure the Thames was the best place for the missile to detonate, but as long as we can all get to work the next day it’s all good. It made a pretty splash too. Margot’s game of drones (see what we did there) is finally over. Jack burst into their new hideout in record time and not only got rid of the last active drone, but also threw mother and son out of the window.

Whereas Heller wasn’t dead, Reed really is. Thankfully though it was Kate’s British detective informant that went to the murder scene giving her a heads-up. The investigation went exceptionally quickly and, within the remaining half hour of the episode, not only had her and Erik arrived at the location, but also discovered that the second victim was a professional assassin and Navarro was one of his handlers.

Whilst Mark is well and truly in the doghouse for going along with the Presidents plan, Audrey couldn’t be happier with Jack. Their phone call was cut short, but might a reconciliation be on the cards after all?

Navarro has been uncovered. How someone as spineless as him made it to head of the station I do not know. He clearly knew he F-ed up when Jack turned up and decided to help Kate. This led to several scenes of him squirming, waiting for his chance to escape. He only just got away as Jack raced to apprehend him.

We knew that Adrien was rotten and with the revelation today that he is trying to procure the override device for a third-party proves this. Michael Wincott really is a walking spoiler, just like Sean Bean (Bean dies in practically everything he’s cast in). Get out of the car Chloe, who knows what you’re about to find yourself caught up in. She finally picked between the two men in her life and has clearly made the wrong choice.

There was a little too much that happened in that episode for my liking. It kind of felt that the writers suddenly realised that this wasn’t a normal-length series and had to quickly cram a load into it so they could get to the real plot. In a normal 24 the capture would have happened around the mid-season mark, with the second half of the series devoted to the new plot.

And now we have just three, that’s right just three episodes of 24: Live Another Day left, so it shouldn’t be long until the identity of whomever Adrien is the middleman for is revealed. Wouldn’t it be a really big twist if it were to be Stephen Fry’s PM? Or at least one of his staff? There’s something about that know-it-all blonde that’s not to be trusted. As we now know the device isn’t limited to just drones, but a multitude of military devices.

CIA Blunder: The see-through ‘secure’ room wasn’t exactly secure/secret now was it?

Badass Bauer Moment: There were several contenders this week, but it can only be Jack making the Al-Harazis fly. Clearly not happy with the Al-Harazis, both son and mother were sent flying out of the window, landing with a distinctive splat.

‘Damnit!’ Counter: Just the one as he realised that Margot had sussed the ruse.

[usr=4] 24: Live Another Day airs on Sky One Wednesdays at 9pm.