CHEF, starring and directed by Jon Favreau, will delight all food enthusiasts to the point of salivating over the delicious-looking creations. The film centres around the character Carl Casper (Favreau), who loses his job at a restaurant but decides to set up a food truck in a bid to gain back his creative promise, and mend his estranged family back together. Favreau did his homework with this film, as he enlisted the training and help of restaurateur Roi Choi. Choi has made a name for himself in Los Angeles with his Korean taco truck, which made him a perfect choice in terms of help and influence. Favreau was put through his paces by going to culinary school for the basics, then moved on to work with Choi as a prep cook. If CHEF doesn’t make you go raid your fridge I don’t know what will!

To celebrate the release of CHEF, we take a look at 10 terrible food dishes in film that could have done with Favreau’s food truck as back up. Beware, these may churn your stomachs.

(Danny DeVito, 1996)

– “Her sweat and blood went in to this cake”

MATILDA taught us never to steal food from your teacher – especially a woman’s chocolate cake! If you do, this could happen to you – public humiliation in front of your school mates and a cake made especially for you that has the cook’s sweat and blood mingled in with the ingredients. Lovely, just lovely.