Writer: Robert Rodriguez

Director: Dwight H. Little

Cast: D.J. Cotrona, Zane Holtz, Jesse Garcia, Robert Patrick, Madison Davenport, Brandon Soo Hoo, Wilmer Valerrama, William Sandler, Eliza Gonzalez, Jake Busey

Synopsis: The Gecko bothers come to the end of their journey, will they leave together or part ways? 

So the finale is upon us and although there has been a lot of things in this series I didn’t like, I actually think I’ll miss it.

But with next series already been confirmed, I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing where Robert Rodriguez takes it as we’ve been given a fun and easy-to-watch series with some genuinely good and interesting characters.

So, back to this episode, and it began with the Gecko brothers finishing their trial. Richie admits to Seth that he started the fire that killed their father and then he goes on to swallow a large snake.  Of course Seth is still confused as to who his vamped out brother is now and what the hell is he doing swallowing large serpents.

Jacob comes face to face with his vampire son Scott and they have a little angsty argument how Scott has always felt left out, typical teenage stuff really.  Meanwhile Ranger Gonzalez has gone to rescue Kate from Sex Machine’s murderous ways.  I must have missed it last week (Or was it cut?!) but he admits to Gonzalez how he was the serial killer he was tracking and Gonzalez kills him very easily.

Back to Jacob and Scott’s little debate and Jacob tries to kill Scott but he just can’t, so he bites his dad and wants him to join his new vampire family.  Kate butts in and tells Scott that Jacob had kept all his pain and hurt inside.  Again Scott wants them all to be a nice vampire family but Kate says no and Scott runs away in a huff.  A changing Jacob begs Kate to take care of him and a rather touching moment occurs right before Kate stakes him.  Gonzalez has a little vision of his grown up daughter all messed up because of the violent path her dad chose to take.

Meanwhile the Geckos are back with Santanico and Carlos and are joined by the vampire head Narciso.  They demand the money but Seth just laughs and tells them the deal is off and that he earned that money.  Narciso and his crew grab Richie and drive him what looks like just outside but this can’t be right.  Santanico begs with Seth to give them the money but Seth is being rightfully stubborn.  Carlos calls him and a deal is made.  Seth slyly gives them 26 million dollars rather than 30 and a big fight ensues with the strippers and Carlos’ henchmen until Carlos and Narciso grab the money and leave.

Back at the Titty Twister, Seth, Richie and Santanico discuss what to do next.  Gonzalez rushes in and is about to kill Richie but has a change of heart and asks for the RV keys.  Outside Gonzalez gives the keys to Kate and rides off into the sunset on a rather nice bike.  I will miss him and hope he is back for series two,  Jesse Garcia has been a joy to watch and without him, I would’ve probably stopped watching long ago.

So the snake emerges from Richie and bites Santanico, freeing her.  All of the temple shakes and as the sun comes up all of the strippers die.  Richie and Seth say their goodbyes and Seth leaves. Outside Kate is still hovering and Seth apologises for everything.  Like the film, Kate asks if Seth would want any company, unlike the film Seth says yes and the two head off in a flashy sports car leaving the RV to collect even more dust.  The episode ends with Santanico and Richie leaving the Titty Twister in a blacked out car.

So a pretty good end to the first series, I was disappointed overall in the Fuller family.  Robert Patrick is a fantastic actor but he wasn’t given enough to do and it is no secret that I couldn’t stand Kate this series.  Santanico was a very poor substitute for Salma Hayek and I felt that she was there purely for eye candy. There was a lot of hatred towards Jake Busey’s Sex Machine, but I quite enjoyed him.  I always find him so fun to watch and I thought he did well with what he was given.

After a shaky start D.J. Cotrona really made Seth his own and his scenes with Richie were always great to watch.  The highlights of course were Jesse Garcia as Ranger Gonzalez, I just loved his character and thought he really held the show together.  Zane Holtz really took the Richie character to a whole new level.  He made him creepy and likable at the same time and he was always so interesting as you never really knew what he was thinking.

So after 10 episodes, I enjoyed the slightly bumpy ride and I look froward to seeing the next series.

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